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Nate Duncan

Nate Duncan is an award-winning filmmaker and actor based in Los Angeles, California. He originally grew up in the Bay Area and has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 15 years.


He has written, directed, and produced a number of short films, some of which have aired on TV and all of which have won multiple different awards in a variety of different film festivals.


In 2015 Nate won the CreaTV award for his first short The Making Of Dragon Petal and has won Best Director, Writer, and Producer a number of times at different festivals.


His most recent film, The Interview, is currently going through the festival circuit and it was an HBO finalist in the Oscar Qualifying Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival and a semi-finalist in the ATT Film Awards. It has also won several awards, including Best In Show in the Albany Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi at the Dam Short Film Festival, and the Audience Award for best film in the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, the Cordillera International Film Festival, and the San Jose International Short Film Festival.


Nate strives to create original stories that have diverse perspectives designed to have a lasting impact on the audience.  For The Interview, he focused on diversity and inclusion.  As such, over 75% of the cast and crew were either women or people of color, all of whom donated their time and energy because they believed in the project and the message contained within the film.


Nate currently has both a feature and series in development and is in pursuit of directing opportunities for television.


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HBO Short Film Competition


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